I love this story from Scorpion Jet. It's a real joy when you come across a "change program" where the organisation shares some great practice that could easily be applied beyond their own industry/product.

Here are their key learnings with the addition of some alternative language from myself in brackets:

  • Set an audacious goal that energises people (Communicate the vision)
  • Blend people (Build the right team)
  • Don't ask people to juggle several projects simultaneously (Create focus)
  • Minimise meetings (Trust but verify)
  • Use existing components whenever possible (Don't reinvent the wheel, ever)
  • Get close (Make it easy for people to connect)
  • Get comfortable with ambiguity (Trust good instincts to take risks)
  • Focus on what is getting bogged down (Deal with big & small roadblocks quickly)
  • Moving fast keeps costs down (Use your agility)

Do read the article itself - it's an energising read!