Reading @neilmorrison 's Monday morning blog today (see link below) I was reminded of the phrase...

"Organisations are perfectly designed for the results that they get!"

I'm not a fan of the mono-model approach to running an organisation, so I strongly believe there is no single model that answers Neil's question "how is the organisational infrastructure going to change?". The answer has to a large extent be situational.

However, for me the most salient question for the organisation is that of who is thinking about it?

It's an area that I believe many organisations are very poor at focussing on. How else do we explain the rise of futurologists, thought leaders and ever expanding consultancies?!?

For me this is where the Corporate Strategy function* needs to show its metal by expanding to include the more human, cultural and social insights into corporate strategy.

So why is it that the HR/OD/Change functions (where this insight can reside) often stand apart and isolated from the Corporate Strategy function?

Maybe there's a question in there not only about who but also how are we thinking about organisational infrastructure.


*Where there isn't a Corporate Strategy function then the Senior Leadership team needs to be even more acutely aware of the broader expertise they need to design and realise their organisation for the future. How often do they focus on the need for this capability? How aware are they of their own capabilities to do this from within the Senior Leadership team? I wonder...