Many leaders seem to be looking to find their voice over on social media. What starts as an initial dipping of the toe can grow into something that leaders just do. It's probably descriptive of most leaders' leadership journeys!

Social media can create a fantastic way for leaders to reach, engage and influence a very broad audience. It can be a great way to share your leadership and build support for what you stand for. Yet it seems that leaders many might not be getting as much from Social Media as they could.

I've written before [here] about how differently social some leaders can be perceived on Twitter, perhaps unintentionally.

You may have just "dived in" to social media, so I've also written [here] about how taking your approach back to core leadership fundamentals is worthwhile.

Also, I think there are some great ways to solicit feedback both directly on how people are experiencing you as well as looking to new tools such as IBM Watson Personality Insights. It's early days but you can read more here.

It all merits the question of are you regularly reviewing what you are doing (or could be doing) on social media?

This piece from Darren Caveney is pertinent and a useful read for leaders as well as Comms Teams.