I've long advocated that leaders need to better understand and engage with potential "guardians" during change.Change isn't a rational process so healthy and useful engagement, with champions, advocates, supporters, guardians and more is critical to sustainable success.

So unsurprisingly, I think there's something in this article that is quite wholesome and useful for anyone leading change. Yet, it's still positioning a duality between "champions" and "guardians"...

Resistance to change comes from a myriad of sources. Fear or loss is commonly spoken of but far less so are dynamics such as blind spots, barriers, capability, capacity and dysfunction. These all "feed" our response to change. These can all manifest as resistance to change.

So do look for the champions & the guardians but also have the dialogue, the inquiry and even the diagnostics to understand more deeply why people are responding to change in the way that they are.

It's a healthy and useful investment of your time.