I'm slightly gutted that I wasn't there with David D'Souza as I've been looking at the potential application of Google Glass in coaching, mentoring & executive development. On the other hand my friend has saved me an early morning trip to London for something which I can't yet use!

Do take a read of his post as it gives a really balanced sense of what Google Glass is today.

It's been speculated that this generation of Google Glass may well be vapour-ware (vaporware). That is to say that it's destiny is not to become developed to be mainstream but to influence the next generation of wearable technology that may well become mainstream. I like that spirit and potential a lot.

From a Learning & Development perspective it's something that I don't believe the L&D profession ever really invests in, deliberately. Why not?

I can see the financial & short term reputational factors which may be off-putting unless you have the scale (& maybe ego) of Google.

Is that what the Learning & Development profession has become - limited by financial & short term reputational factors?