Sukh Pabial wrote today on the potential value of the placebo effect in learning but also 4 intentional factors that help us mitigate that effect. Do read the whole post to appreciate the context & point Sukh was making.

The point captured below really stood out for me. Forget everything we're doing in the L&D space for a minute...

...Do our "managers" & "leaders" know how to support performance well?

...Do they demonstrate good practice that has a developmental impact on individual performance?

...Do they share their practice with their peers to support each others performance as "managers" & "leaders"?

If you can't answer the above thoroughly & in the affirmative then what other learning & development investments do you need to focus on other than this?

[By the way, an annual appraisal, a funky form or cracking piece of software aren't what you're looking for. It's the culture, values & attitude of your managers that you need to be looking at.]